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The importance of Cellular matrix

If a peanut seed is planted in the soil, and if there are good nutrients, water, sufficient sunlight and good air in the soil, I believe this peanut seed should grow happily, but on the contrary, if the soil is full of waste metal, poisonous water and many toxic substances, then this peanut seed may die in the soil.
For the same reason, if a person is in a place where there is an entertaining and comfortable environment, I believe it should be very suitable for survival, but if the temperature of the environment is raised to 1,000 degrees Celsius or the oxygen in the environment is removed, I am afraid it will not take long for the person to die. This shows that the reason why people are well, we must sincerely thank our environment, which can provide such appropriate temperature, air pressure, air, sunlight, food, and water, etc. That is, the survival of a person is mostly determined by whether the environment is good or bad.
The cells in the body, like peanut seeds, are all living things, and the environment in which the cells are located in the body is the Cellular matrix. Therefore, whether the Cellular matrix environment is good or bad will of course determine whether the cells live well. Well, whether the growth is good or not. If the Cellular matrix is full of metabolic wastes, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful factors, the cells will not be able to survive for a lifetime, and they will eventually get sick and produce disease, or even mutate into cancer, or cell death.