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Cellular matrix Therapy

What is Cellular matrix?
The human body is composed of cells that divide and reproduce continuously. There are 30-50 trillion cells in the body. The cell structure has three parts: cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus.

Cellular matrix exists between cells and is formed by fibrous matrix and fluid substances (tissue fluid, lymph fluid, plasma, etc.). It has a colloidal environment with cell type and structure, which provides oxygen and nutrients needed for cell metabolism. After metabolism, it is responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide waste. It also assists in the functions of cell-to-cell communication and message transmission.

Simply put, everyone's body is like a small universe, with countless cells within the body, from the top of the head to the soles of the feet. And why can all the cells do what they want to do in real time? They all know what other cells are doing, and they don’t need to use commands to function well in the internal organs. Such as if you eat something, the gastrointestinal tract will digest food by itself. The kidney filters waste and regulates the blood, and the heart carries oxygen to other internal organs, Director Hou speculates that this may be due to the Cellular matrix and inter-cell relationship that allows cells to transmit information to each other.

In addition to providing information, the Cellular matrix also provides nutrients needed for cell growth, just as soil provides seeds for nutrient absorption and discharge. Due to the current human living environment facing the invasion of many toxic substances (pesticides, antibiotics, pigments, preservatives, air pollution, electromagnetic waves, etc.), it unknowingly affects the soil in the body to be polluted by toxic substances, allowing the cells that grow on it to produce diseases and abnormalities, which are the causes of diseases and cancers.

Application principle of Cellular Matrix Therapy

Cellular Matrix Therapy purpose is to find out the toxic factors, free radicals and toxic states that affect cells. Through Cellular Matrix Therapy, cells can restore health and achieve the effect of re-growth.

It is similar to stem cells repairing and rebuilding cells in damaged parts of the human body, but it does not exhibit the shortcomings of high-risk factors such as the distinguishing, preservation, or rejection of the immune system after allotransplantation.

In order to reduce the patient's long-term physical and mental suffering and considering not to increase immune system rejection and post-operative care, he researched and developed Cellular Matrix Therapy, a non-invasive treatment.

In clinical treatment, Cellular Matrix Therapy can reverse many deteriorating diseases. Director Hou speculates that its possible mechanism is as follows. Cellular Matrix Therapy can stimulate the extracellular matrix and make the cells generate signals to guide the high-quality autologous stem cells in the body to return to the diseased area. Through repeated stimulation of the extracellular matrix, the stem cells begin to accumulate more and begin to differentiate into the diseased cell site, and finally replace the diseased and dead cells, allowing the body to gradually restore to the original normal function without a sense of rejection.

At the same time, it improves the bad environment of the Cellular matrix (which may be full of metabolic waste, free radicals and other toxic factors). When the Cellular matrix environment is improved, the cells in it gradually recover their functions. When the cells gradually recover their functions, a person's spirit, complexion, and physical strength also improves.

Past success stories

A 32-year-old female had scoliosis which started in the neck during childhood, and her condition was so severe that she needed a respirator at night. Before arriving at the clinic, her body ached and feet were numb due to the scoliosis so she had to walk with crutches. After being diagnosed and treated by the Director twice a week for a total of ten times, the soreness on the body was relieved and she could walk 40-50 meters.

An 84-year-old male needed to take 11 kinds of medicine every day. The patient had long-term diabetes and severe heart disease with a heart rate of only 30 beats per minute. He had been hospitalized repeatedly due to heart failure for a long time. However, many stents have been placed in the heart and he finally ended up hospitalized. As he was unable to turn his body over, Tainan NCKU Hospital declared that it was impossible to be treated, and the family had to take him home. Two nurses were required to take turns to take care of him. Because the patient is very large, three adults were needed to assist him every time he takes a bath. After a complete course of treatment, it has now been 3 years, but because his heart has a stent, he still needs to take a small amount of medicine to maintain it. The current heart condition is good and he can get up and move, and even walk around the basketball court.

The cases in our clinic are all actually diagnosed by the Director as case references. We have found that after diagnosis and treatment, many patients who came here often have the same symptoms but different causes. So, these cases are for reference only and do not apply to other people's cases or to be used as symptoms for self-diagnosing. It is recommended to find a real cure. It is more accurate to make an appointment for the Director's outpatient consultation.

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