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- Severe stroke                 - Severe sciatica          - And other difficult and severe diseases
- Parkinson's disease        - Severe dizziness       - Health care prevention course
- Dementia                        - Severe asthma
- Severe scoliosis               - Severe heart disease
- Severe pain syndrome    - Severe pancreatitis

Jayo Medical Clinic is located in Tainan
Cellular Matrix Therapy Clinic
Specializes in difficult and severe cases
Long-term chronic diseases, diseases for which no cause can be found, and treatments given up

If you have been to many hospitals and can't find the cause,
after long-term treatment, it is still ineffective or more serious,
long-term hospitalization and medicine can only maintain. 

Our clinic, using Cellular Matrix technology,
according to possible mechanisms,
helps you reconstruct cell regeneration,
regenerates damaged cells,
activates the body's inherent self-healing ability,
let's you for the rest of your life
no longer need to rely on long-term drugs and equipment,
and no longer burden your family who has been taking care of you for a long time,
so, you can go back to your free life.

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Appointment Time: Monday to Friday
Appointment Hotline: +886-6-5716513
Outpatient Clinic Address: No. 14-2, Xinyi Road, Madou District, Tainan City, Taiwan,R.O.C.