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Jayo Medical Clinic is located in Tainan
Hou's Cellular Matrix Therapy Clinic
Specializes in difficult and severe cases
Long-term chronic diseases, diseases for which no cause can be found, and treatments given up

If you have been to many hospitals and can't find the cause,
after long-term treatment, it is still ineffective or more serious,
long-term hospitalization, medicine can only maintain but not cure. 

Our clinic, using Hou's Cellular Matrix technology,
according to possible mechanisms,
helps you reconstruct cell regeneration,
regenerates damaged cells,
activates the body's inherent self-healing ability,
let's you for the rest of your life
no longer need to rely on long-term drugs and equipment,
and no longer burden your family who has been taking care of you for a long time,
so, you can go back to your free life.


1. Severe stroke     6. Severe sciatica     11. And other difficult and severe diseases
2. Parkinson's disease 7. Severe dizziness     12. Health care prevention course
3. Dementia         8. Severe asthma
4. Severe scoliosis     9. Severe heart disease
5. Severe pain syndrome 10. Severe pancreatitis

[Appointment system / we treat only one patient per morning or afternoon]

Appointment system
So that patients don’t have to compete with other patients for doctors.
No need to spend time waiting at the clinic.

Allow patients to go through the Director's high-quality personal consultation with adequate time.
Learn more about the symptoms and treatments of the disease from your life, habits, occupation, psychology, diet, etc.
Comprehensive consideration to provide the most suitable treatment for you

[Depending on type of sickness / tailored treatment plan]

After discussion and scheduling the treatment policy the Director personally diagnoses and accompanies each diagnosis and treatment.
According to the patient’s response, each time instantly adjust and speed up, making treatment more effective.

Jayo Medical Clinic expectations
We want to be a clinic that can truly listen and understand patients.
It's not a systemic hospital that treats headaches and foot pain.
So that every patient can in the fastest time, in a painless and burdenless way, restore the body to a healthy state.
So that you and your family can return to normal life.
And live a wonderful life

Contact us

Appointment Time: Monday to Friday
Appointment Hotline: +886-6-5716513
Outpatient Clinic Address: No. 14-2, Xinyi Road, Madou District, Tainan City, Taiwan,R.O.C.